Barricata • acknowledgements and making of

You can’t go untrained to some orienteering events.

Actually, you’re never trained enough for such an important situation, but you’ve got to be at least at your best, and this time I did what I should.

Nevertheless, I’m not here to sing my praises.

The credit for this success of mine goes to my two great trainer: the Speaker, who’s the one who always shows he trusts in me and thinks I can reach any goal, and the Idol of Gropada [1], who’s always able to encourage and motivate me with his exciting challenges.

In other words: the ultimate orienteering trainers for what concernes experience and knowledge. Anyone, if trained by these two great masters, could get my achievement.

Here is how my masterpiece in Barricata became real:

Therefor, I’d be a pretender if I’d say I’m not extremely satisfied by the excellent result I achieved in Barricata [2], which must be credited not only to my two already mentioned orienteering Masters, but also to the

amazing, prodigal Coso,

whithout whom, nothing of above would ever be possible.




[1] Larry calls Cristian “Idol of Gropada” because in 2012 he made the courses for a race in Gropada (by the border between Italy and Slovenia). To Italian readers, this name recalls the title of the movie “L’idolo di Acapulco” (literally: the idol of Acapulco), which is the title given to the popular film “Fun in Acapulco”, with Elvis Presley.

[2] Larry is struggling to get the prize as The Worst Orienteer in History. She even isn’t an orienteer, she only got married to (a bad) one and sometimes takes part to some race, but what she does when se holds a map is definitely not orienteering, so that it sounds funny to talk about her success in what, to a certain extent, seems to be a race.

[3] Stefano, our beloved Speaker, is also known as Stegal (or Stegal67), after his popular blog:

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